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A new idea of money

If you've landed here then you most likely know that the idea of money has changed, and times are changing fast.

The future of money is crypto. Millions of people and business trust to buy, sell, and manage crypto.

Here at Millennium USA our primary mining focus on ethereum and you might be asking, why?

Why Ethereum?

Ethereum, which launched in 2015, is the second-biggest cryptocurrency by market cap after Bitcoin. But unlike Bitcoin, it wasn’t created to be digital money. Instead, Ethereum’s founders set out to build a new kind of global, decentralized computing platform that takes the security and openness of blockchains and extends those attributes to a vast range of applications.

Everything from financial tools and games to complex databases are already running on the Ethereum blockchain. And its future potential is only limited by developers’ imaginations. As the nonprofit Ethereum Foundation puts it: “Ethereum can be used to codify, decentralize, secure and trade just about anything.”

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2nd Biggest


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