Bitcoin & Ethereum are the two
fastest growing cyptocurrencies on the planet.

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Our model is simple! We build your machine and set it up to start mining.
We built the infrastructure, supply the power, and expertise
so you can get started mining right away.

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Who We Are

We aim to make mining accessible to everyone. From newcomers to large scale investors we want everyone to have access to the rewards of cryptocurrency mining. We set out to build a large scale state-of-the-art data center for anyone who wanted to participate in mining could. Setting up your own mining rigs is expensive to setup and maintain if not implemented correctly. We provide the infrastructure, the algorithm and code to make it simple for someone with no technical skill to start mining.

Start mining today

We offer a turnkey mining solution so you can start mining fast and create passive income with Musahost.
We built the data center capable of mining efficiently with leading hashpower.


Your Rig Is
Already Running

Don't wrestle with setting up hardware that is hot, noisy, requires a massive amount of energy to run, algorithms, and a technical skill set to maintain.

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You Own
Your Machine

We don't rent out our machine's. The machine we setup for you, you own. We simply charge hosting fees for our infrastructure and maintaienance.

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Output Directly
To Your Wallet

You will get periodic mining outputs to your wallet of choice creating passive income. Monitor your machines performance & get started mining today!

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We're' helping to lead the charge; we can help you create a future in crypto.

Ruben Rivera, Founder

The future of money is here


More About Us


Mining consumes a lot of energy, and it takes a lot of power to mine. When we set out to design our mining center, the right location was critical. Utilizing a Hydro Electric location is crucial to performance and efficiency. Our goal was to make mining not only more effective, but more affordable. By utilizing a location that provides hydro electricity we were able to achieve this goal.

Our hosting/data center in Wenatchee, WA is a 19,500 sq ft building with an electrical contract for 6 megawatts (1 megawatt is enough to power 797 northwest homes for a year).

19,500 SQ FT

6 Megawatts